Beaverpool Gate

We must all have wondered about the history of the ruined toll booth, that you pass on the left, just after driving into the Lledr Valley . . .

Cambrian News – 30th March 1877


  Recently the yearly vestry which is held for the changing of the officers was held at the Gwydir Estate Schoolroom of our parish. The chair was filled by the Rev. H E Williams, vicar. Mr Thomas, our worthy schoolmaster and clerk of the vestry, was called upon to read a letter from Mr John R Griffith, clerk to the Commissioners of the Road, estimating the expense of repairing the part belonging to Dolwyddelen of the turnpike road.

  The receipts at Beaver Pool Gate during the last season were estimated at £600; and that of Tyddyn Gwyn, Ffestiniog, £160. The round estimate of repairing the roads in the parish of Dolwyddelen during the coming year was £270. The rents yielded from the gates were inadequate to carry on the required repairs during the forthcoming year, and to pay the interest on the £5,000 capitol sunk in constructing and converting our road into a turnpike road a year ago, and pay the yearly quota of the capital.

  More than two hundred pounds were unblushingly demanded from the parish of Dolwyddelen to keep this road in good condition. Mr Charles, impatiently, in a sharp speech, blamed the drowsy and sluggish manner in which the repairs of our road were carried on. An old overlooker with a horse was paid a large sum yearly for plodding along the road. The value of his services it was beyond his power to fathom, and he would be glad to find the man that could solve that problem for him. According to his idea, and that of every man of experience in such matters, a young and robust ‘working gaffer’ would answer the purpose ten times better. Besides that, ten times more work might be done at the same expense. Many others commented very bitterly on the present plan of repairing our road.

  The vestry, after transacting some business, dispersed.


At long last – a photograph …..


Details of two people standing outside. Maybe the tollgate keeper and his wife.

Cambrian News – 24th May 1878


  The driver of a horse from Festiniog came through this parish and Bettws a week ago. Like Jehur of old, he drove furiously without paying attention to any one. The Beaver Pool gate, on his way to Bettws, he went through without noticing. He left the carriage at Bettws, as it was sold, and then commenced his furious drive back. The toll at the gate he never thought of paying again. Through Dolwyddelen he went like a madman. Near a hotel he drove his horse between a certain gentleman and the wall, pushed him down into the dirt, and went straight along.

North Wales Chronicle – 21st June 1879


  A vestry meeting was held in the schoolroom on the 13th instant, to take into consideration the proposed toll gate at Dolwyddelen. The vestry unanimously protested against the imposition. – Mr McIntyre said he was afraid the parishioners would have to submit to the toll gate. He condemned the cause pursued by the Commissioners of the Portmadoc and Beaver Pool Road. – After further discussion the vestry was adjourned for a week.

1960, taken shortly after the last tenant left

During ‘restoration’ 2018 . . .

A fascinating shot of the road just after crossing Beaver Bridge. The toll gate is just out of view.