Ffynnon Mihangel / Fach (The Goodbye Stone)

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2 copyFfynon Fach, or Ffynnon Mihangel (it is unclear which name is correct) is situated on your left as you climb the Crimea Pass from Dolwyddelan. It’s a few hundred yards before you reach the summit in one of the small fenced enclosures that indicate streams flowing beneath the road.

Since time unrecorded the spring was marked by a small standing stone known as St. Michael’s Stone some three feet tall, or as it now is, three feet long !!!

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4 copyTradition has it that before going away to war, young men would carve their initials into the stone to ensure their return. But it’s far more likely that the navvies and quarry workmen did the carving.

One know piece of history, is that in 1859 a Revivalist meeting knelt to pray at the well. As this would not be long after the road was built, it’s safe to assume the well was viewed as ‘special’ long before this date.