Police House 1960s

The Police house in the 1970’s

Newspaper report …..

Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald – 26th February 1876



“Navvies have feelings”, insisted one of their number in your last edition. No doubt it is true; but anyone witnessing an affray which occurred here on Thursday last would have been reluctant to believe it, at least as applied to those involved in the quarrel, and who made a frightful display of their brutality.

Being unable to work on account of the rainy weather, most of the navies as is their wont in such cases, resorted to the public-houses, and having imbibed freely for some hours, the uproar which was the natural result culminated in a desperate fight.

The policeman made his appearance and endeavored to quell the ‘row’, but no sooner did he interfere than they all turned upon him most furiously, and he would have been rendered powerless in a very short time but for the assistance and power of the good folk of Dolwyddelen.

At one time, he was pitched over into a field adjoining the road, and some of his assailants having climbed up the fence, were about to jump down upon him, when, fortunately for the poor officer in whom they had intended to plant their heels, someone held them by their legs and caused them to tumble over head foremost.

After the resolute struggle of half an hours duration, the constable and his assistants succeeded in restoring order and securing the ringleaders, who were brought up before the magistrates at Bettsycoed on the following day, and sentenced to terms of imprisonment varying from four to three months.

police copy

Llan Cottage (where SPAR is now) was once the police station. The holding cell was still in existence well into living memory, used I believe as a larder!

1871 Census . . .

Newspaper report …

Cambrian News – 26th April 1878

ONE POLICEMAN leaves Dolwyddelen this week.

This shows that our village is getting more quiet. As summer is drawing on we are likely to become more peaceful and orderly. This will make this place a nice resort for visitors.